• Will be offered to:

-  a student who has a proven talent and commitment to rugby.

-  a student who demonstrates strong leadership and team mentality.

-  a student who exhibits an interest in the agricultural industry.


• Available for up to 5 years subject to:

-  Academic reports indicating a positive attitude to study.

-  A continued high level of achievement in rugby.

-  A full and enthusiastic participation in the wider life of the school and fulfilling        the schools expectations as a role model to others.

-  The terms of the “Scholarship agreement” (the successful applicant will enter into    this agreement with the Rathkeale College Rugby Club & H&T Agronomics)

To find out more please contact:

RCRC Chairperson  -  Simon Mckay

Phone: (06) 372 5554


Principal  -  Willy Kersten


* All applicants must be provisionally enrolled to attend Rathkeale College.


* A personal statement written by the applicant about his past and present                   rugby experience and achievements and future aspirations must be included.

Please return completed application to:  

“The Principal at Rathkeale College,

217 Willow Park Drive,


Wellington, 5871,

New Zealand”

*Application date deadline has been extended

217 Willow Park Drive, Masterton, Wellington 5871, New Zealand

Phone: (06) 370 0175
Fax: (06) 377 9020